Since 2016, the demand for recruiters has increased an impressive 63% increase. But are companies looking for the same abilities as in the past years? In this article we would like to explain the following points in more detail: 

  • Recruitment in the Change: What do the LinkedIn Insights say?
  • Three Qualities that make the recruiter of shape tomorrow   

Today, recruitment is not only about about finding more candidates and the numbers to fulfill. The job description of the recruiter has evolved into the has changed considerably in recent years. There is more and more competition on the labour market and also the demand for Top talents are constantly growing. 

According to the job description of the recruiter is expected to growth curve of the company and to manage an important take a strategic role in the development of the company. In fact, a recent report from LinkedIn suggests that the role of the recruiter in the future dramatically changed from the current will be different. Let’s delve deeper: 

Insights into the role of the recruiter in 2020

What comes to mind of a recruiter? A headhunter is someone who cooperates with supervisors throughout the company, with juggles several settings and onboard processes and always strives to meet the standards set by the company’s managers to achieve recruitment goals. 

But according to the new report from LinkedIn Most of these traditional Job description for recruiters .in 2020 not more. Here are the reasons: 

  • Between 2016 and in 2019 the demand for headhunters will have risen by 63%. This means that the top executives in the Recruitment in 2020 are able to operate under the best companies to decide. The Ability to carry out recruitment at a high level, is today the most valuable resource of a human resources specialist. 
  • Every third Human resources manager has an interdisciplinary Background. Therefore, the role of the HR manager is defined by go beyond the technical requirements of recruitment and increasingly also soft skills, technological competence and entrepreneurial skills. 
  • Since 2014 the number of positions for Talent Analytics experts by an astonishing 111%. This means that the tasks of a recruiter now a high degree of require data scientific know-how. 
  • Changing Hiring requirements are a great challenge. This requires that in 2020 recruiters must are agile and can quickly adapt to personnel changes and have to stop their effects. 

Companies should start now, analyse the future role of the headhunter before you can change the setting range for 2020 plan. There are three skills and qualities to into account. 

Three Qualities that shape the recruiter of tomorrow

So how will the role of a recruiter in the future? The demand for skilled workers will continue to increase; to support this, companies will also develop new Use technologies. Three characteristics will make the recruiter of the to shape the future in a very special way: 

1. problem solving competence

As already mentioned, the role is changing the headhunter from tactical responsibility to more strategic tasks. In 2020 the recruiter will be Bridge between overarching organizational goals and practical implementation. Therefore Problem-solving competence and excellent communication skills for the recruiter of the future is essential. 

LinkedIn has found that the demand for problem-solving skills in the Job descriptions for recruiters in the last four years has increased by about 100%; special communication skills are increased by 200%. inquired about. 

2. Focus on diversity and integration

The definition of diversity in the workplace has evolved in in recent years due to the increasing awareness of the various sectors and interest groups. The recruiters will expects them to keep pace and help companies to become more diverse and help to create an inclusive work culture with social awareness. Today the recruiter the recruitment of diverse employees control in a targeted manner. 

In the year 2020 Diversity recruiting becomes a basic component of Human Resources and will affect the recruiter role. It is therefore not surprisingly, LinkedIn has a special course for which offers diversity recruiting to To prepare HR professionals for the future. 

3. Data Driven Recruitment 

It can not be denied, that recruiting for value creation in a organization is indispensable. Therefore, data analysis and the analysis of KPI’s becomes more and more important in recruiting. Companies therefore always invest more in recruitment technologies and strategies to to ensure success for 2020. 

According to LinkedIN, since 2015 an increase in demand of more than 100% for data analysis capabilities in recruiting.  

You are looking for for a recruiter to support you in 2020?

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